If you’ve come from the home page – hello again!

I’m trying to keep this short and sweet because if you follow me on Instagram, I love a chat and end up waffling (as i’m doing right now!)

As I said, Fee Fi Fo Fudge happened by complete accident in 2019 when I started making fudge for old work friends and it honestly took off from there! I started to get asked to make it for friends, family and any sort of event we had in work and it sparked an idea I never thought would have been possible!

In lockdown of 2020, I ended up making an Instagram & Facebook and I started filling my diary for weeks on end for people getting their fudge fix.

I’ve since went on to start selling at Markets and sell out almost every time – must be doing something right eh!?

I absolutely love being given the creative liberty of any gifts, flavours or ideas people have. So if you have any ideas you’d like to bring to life, send me a wee message and we can make that happen!